So this weeknd has just been the best in ages! As I told you earlier I was meeting up with an old friend and an old roomie from my time in Sydney! So nice to finally catch up again! Also been eating so much food, drinking red wine and we just talked all day and night loong.. We stayed at a hotel next to Mathallen here in Oslo, where there are lots of nice restaurants. We basically went from restaurant to restaurant all weeknd, haha.. Tonight im just gonna chill with Alex, and rest to get fit for the week to come. And next weeknd we are going on a concert (again)! This time its DRAKE!! Soo EXITED! Anyways, have a good one and talk soon.. Xx



 Credit & Adlinks: Timberland 6 boot_HERE_Jeans from H&M(similar)_HERE_Leather Jacket Vintage(borrowed from Alex_similar_HERECollege Jumper Ensuave_HERE


Hi guys! Showing you a bit more casual look with this vintage leather jacket! A bit more chill vibe.. What you think? So its friday and im so exited about this weeknd! Meeting up with an old friend of mine that I used to live with in Sydney back when I studied in Australia! She`s so much fun hanging out with! We booked a hotel stay over the weeknd so that we can really enjoy ourselves, drinking wine, eat out and just catch up all nite! Girls-weekend here we go, haha.. Wish you a happy weeknd, talk soon.. Xx



Hi! Soz for not posting yesterday, but my computer just crashed and I had to reinstall the computer (windows) from scratch, baaah! Hate when tech fails, computer, cellphone, notebook and so on.. Feel so naked without it, specially when you pretty much have your whole life in it! But it finally works now so hopefully I wont have a prob for a while.. Think its time to buy a more advanced pc, any suggestions? Been thinking of gettin a Mac.. Need more space! So today ive got so much to do, work out, fix things at home and ill be posting a new shopping segment for ya! So much news in for the spring atm, already picked out my favs to wear! Talk soon! Xx



 Hi guys! Showing you my latest snaps from insta! Kind of liking my blue, orange, dark-ish theme happening atm.. A dark soul with a hint of fire, haha.. So Post Malones concert was epic! Good vibe, and a great show even tho it didnt last that very long, just about 1 hour before he left the stage! Il show you some snaps from my phone later.. but so happy we went to see him live, and me and Alex danced pretty much during the whole show, haha.. Letting ourselfs go, have fun and dont care.. Talk soon, got some more ootd pics to show later on, stay tuned.. xx




Credit & Adlinks: Camel Hoodie from Ensuave_HERE_Shoes from Nelly_HERE_Black Snapback from Ensuave_HERE_Velvet chocker from Nelly_HERE

– in collab with Ensuave


Good day peepz! Finally I can show you a shoot we did a few weeks ago when the snow didnt cover the ground here in Oslo. As ive said before, I truly love this over-knee high heel and big jumper-look inspired by Kourtney Kardashian.. Here, wearing a oversized camel hoodie from Ensuave – a streetwear brand in UK (Im wearing size L in these photos).

So yesterday was soo much fun! Me, Alex and some friends went up to Holmenkollen to ride sledges down the hills.. I have not laughed so much in years, watching everyone riding down the mountains with the fear of dying.. And the ground is sooo icy! Like theres is no chance to stop while riding, you just have to cling ourself hard to the sledge, hoping you wont crash into anyone, haha.. Seriously so much fun tho! Def going back again before the winter is over.. Have yourself a lovely sunday – im heading out again to soak up some sun and enjoy the snow.. xx



 One of my favorite places ive visited, Amadores.. Been around the globe and seen many amazing places, but there is something about this special place that gives me true peace! And Cant wait to go back this august for 2 weeks… Going to be magical.. So lately ive been keeping up with hitting the gym and gettin my fitness back on track! Feelin like a gym rat but its nessesary, haha.. And ive been crazy busy taking new shoots for this blog! Cant wait to share a shoot I just did in a collab im doing with a streetwear brand in the UK. Love their clothes, and so happy to do this shoot! So stay tuned for more material guys! and again thanks for popping by, so fun to see that you enjoy my work.. Xx, peace