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Hey beauties.. Been trying out my new Iphone 7 selfie-camera and pretty happy with the quality – here been using filter P5 in the app VSCO, and not photoshop this time.. Pretty cool right? What phones can do these days, been talkin to SIRI the last couple of days, haha.. Too lazy to even touch the phone, just make SIRI do all the work. (and yes I know Siri is old, but I havent really had the chance to try her out for real, and she is pretty cool on Iphone 7)

So update – Been having serious sciatic nerve pain all week, and it got SO far that I woke up and could barely move my left leg! Had to go to a chiropractor ASAP to start treatment – which hurts like a bitch btw.. Been twice already and I feel like ive lost a fighthing match at the end of it.. Anyways enough complains, its getting better already and I can finally walk again!


Lately ive been hiding in my “creative-bubble” and been playing with different ideas to how I want to continue this blog. I think it is about time to do something different, and most importantly provide more content that are usefull and informative to you guys.. Style and fashion is my passion, but there is something that ive left out on this blog, and that is makeup! I want to change that. Been working with makeup products and as a makeup artist for 3 years – so I do have tips and tricks to share.. And mostly that I want to start doing is video – video – video.. Its scary but I feel its time and I would love for you to see my personality on the screen instead of only edited fashion shoots..

Please tell me what you think and I would really appreciate some feedback from you! Thanks for visiting my blog – its what motivates me to create better and more content.. Lots of love, Xx




Hi guys.. I have been one of the lucky ones to try out a few Keune Blend products! It is such a cool range and I simply love the “simplicity” off it! You can easily choose the product witch matches your needs when it comes to preping, styling and set your own hair style. For example; I who often go to the gym and need to be somewere else right after find it so easy to just use my Refreshing Dry Shampoo Spray and then finish it off with some Glossy Spray to get that healthy shine. Ready – Set – Done!

The Prep Spray is also perfect when like me often use irons on my hair to make curls or to straighten it! Love the fact that they have Sea Salt Spray in the same range, a product “must-have” for someone who wants their curls to rock and stay messy all day! Love the quality and the results its gives to my hair! Truly recommend it for those like myself, style their hair alot!

The products is available in most hairdresser salongs if not – you can read more about the different products in their Keune Blend – Series HERE. 

Good Luck finding your match! 

-in collab and sponsored by VASS PR and Keune