WEARING: Crop-top from Rebecca Stella_Trench from NewYorker_Levis jeans_Shoes from Nelly


Been a while since I last posted an update in here.. My biggest apologizes for my abcence! Been working with photos on the low side, not posting on my blog. Only some on my insta, but now im back to post more ootd and more content on la blog!

So life has been hectic I tell ya that much! Finally got a new appartment, moving in June. Big and spacious apartment almost in the city centre, here in Oslo. Couldnt be any better.. Cant wait to share pics when we have moved in. Been spending a lot of time searching for interior inspo, ideas and different creative do-it-yourself projects. Maybe make an kollage to show what kind of style I want the interior to be like..

Will be posting more content soon, take care, be kind and share the love around.. Xx



Hola! As some might noticed ive been absent lately, this is due to me trying out a twist on this blog.. Im always interested to try out some new stuff, create a different type of material and edit my pictures differently – just like have fun with it all and get my creativity out! And I never want to post crab, so then ill just have to take my time.. So thanks for checking by during my absence.. So ill show you more off this look, got some epic pics! Finally the days is getting lighter and more sunny here in Oslo – so happy with that! Means it will get easier to create more stuff.. Gotta run, such a nice weather outside so going to work out outside and catch that Vitamin D! Later tonight im having a sushi dinner with the girls, and drinking some wine.. Have a nice weeknd and stay tuned for my new material.. Xx