Pics from phone cause there wasnt allowed to bring a camera down to the Spa (signs like everywere). But I got a few snaps anyways on my phone, haha.. So here are some looks from the Spa as you might have seen video off from my insta/snap.. Such a big Spa! 1st floor was the big pool, 2 jacuzzies, Saunas and the relaxing area. 2nd floor was for treatments only, like massages.. We took a 60 min aroma-massage – so nice! The spa was open all day and night so we actually went down to the spa in the evening just to warm up and relax before dinner.. The spa is located at the hotel we stayed at – Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its included for all hotel guests! Link HERE.



Here are a few shots from our trip in Budapest so far! Got soo much to show you when we get back home. Been here for 2 days already and its been magical! The hotel is so graceful, and the city far more beautiful than its given credit for. Yesterday we went for a stroll to the canal and checked out the Parliament, then we caught a cab to the Buda Castle, wich has a breath taking view all over the city! A must see if your ever travelling to Budapest! Later we went to the Market Hall, where they have all sorts of hungarian food  and specialities, so cool. Then after a long day we went back and chilled at the spa for a bit before heading out for a nice dinner by the canal at a boat-house called Spoon. Going to show more photos later.. Chillin at the lobby for a bit now before heading back to Market Hall, and the main shopping street. Hopefully find something tasty at the market, haha.. Talk soon, xx

Flaming Sunkissed



When been hitn the beach to catch up with that summer tan! Hot skin, salty hair og and wet bikini, am I right? Ahh, really feelin the beach vibes looking back at this.. Love this hotel we stayed at, Serenity at Amadores, just caught me heart bad! A sweet recommendation for sure 😉 Counting the days to next vacay…