Here one of my many fashion inspo palettes I got kept on my computer! Whenever I see something I find interesting I press SAVE! Often I wish that fashion here in Norway could be a bit more like the US. Id love to wear more sassy stuff down the street… People in Norway are so stiff, and if they are fashionable it is in a very clean, sophisticated way, witch im not! Not one bit.. Maybe I should move?! Me and Alex have actually been talking about taking a longer semester off next year and stay for a while in Calefornia, maybe Los Angeles.. I think it would be could for us, and try to live among “similar” kind, even tho it sounds a bit harsh.. Also get into the fashion bit way more as well and visit one of the many stores not available here.. Like Supreme! Ah, that id just die for..  Think id do more of these inspo-palettes.. Ad some links to you as well so you know where I get the inspo from! Everyone needs some extra sassyness in their lives, hehe 😉 xx

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