You like…!? Still working with a lot of editing stuff so I can show you my new material that ive been working on.. To be posted later.. Yeeez, this weeknd has been so chill – just been spending the days not stressin, watching movies and making delicious food! See all pics and story on snapchat: gizzachic.. Today im going to do some work, get my butt to the gym for a nice workout and start planning for next week! So exited about the time to come, and ive never been this busy with the blog as I have been this year so far! Having so much fun with it and are highly motivated to show you more of the work that I do! Have a great sunday guys and talk soon.. Xx



 One of my favorite places ive visited, Amadores.. Been around the globe and seen many amazing places, but there is something about this special place that gives me true peace! And Cant wait to go back this august for 2 weeks… Going to be magical.. So lately ive been keeping up with hitting the gym and gettin my fitness back on track! Feelin like a gym rat but its nessesary, haha.. And ive been crazy busy taking new shoots for this blog! Cant wait to share a shoot I just did in a collab im doing with a streetwear brand in the UK. Love their clothes, and so happy to do this shoot! So stay tuned for more material guys! and again thanks for popping by, so fun to see that you enjoy my work.. Xx, peace



So is there one thing that you can strongly say about me, it would be that I am a foodie! Its a good thing because I love to try new things and order stuff I normally wouldnt eat, the down side is that I usually order to much, haha.. The breakfast at the hotel was just to die for and I really recommend if you ever stay at Corinthia Hotel Budapest – ADD THE BREAKFAST! It is a bit pricy, but soo worth it! We seriously sat and ate for 1 hour every morning before starting the day. And they also had a buffet of different sparklings and champagne! Must confess I had a glass of bubbles next to my coffee every morning, haha.. What the hell, right!? Anyways, the food in general in Budapest is just amazballs and soo cheap as well! Did not have one bad meal for the entire trip.. I still have to show you the photos from Market Hall, where they had so much meats and spices, really regret we didnt buy more.. Talk soon Xx


Credit & Adlinks: Pablo Shirt from Ebay_Bomber (Large) from URBAN_(similar_HERE) Boots from H&M_(similar_HERE) Pistol Chain from Ebay. 


 Here are finally the pics from a shoot taken a while back! Was supposed to post this yesterday, but my computer kind of crashed and had a million things to do so had to postpone it – BUT here they are! AND I got exiting news for ya – I have an interesting collab coming up so im in the progress of making a short video for you guys, and to give a hint it is about how I get my fluffy mermaid hairlook. Im not that good with editing video just yet, so its going to take some time to learn, but when im all done and happy with it ill post it here on the blog!

Lately ive been actually killing myself at the gym.. Budapest was an awsome break from it all, but im back at it and my motivation is like a 110% ! Feels so good, even tho my body is always soar, haha.. Dont think ive ever been this soar in like years, but that must mean im doing something right;) Have a lot of photos from the trip to show you and more outfit posts to share so stay tuned.. Thanks for poppin by and have a great Sunday! Talk soon, Xx






So I am so inspired by the look of Kourt Kardashian (here) and the whole Hot Miami Styles atm.. Big jumpers and overknee heels is just right up my alley and its super hot! A look I am def going for this spring! Truly adore the sassy but classy set pieces from Rebecca Stella, perfect if you want to show off some curves (in a innocent way).. My favs so far – nr 1, nr 2 and loove the super high heels nr 6, and the  lace choker nr 15!

Happy Shopping!



 How great is this view, huh!? If you ever go to Budapest, Buda Castle is the place to go! Its right above from Chain Bridge – simply cant miss it! From here you get a majestic view over the whole city! And 200 meters up the road you also have Marcus Curch ( the 1st & 3rd pic) with beautiful views as well.. And the Castle just have breath taking architecture. Feels like walking into the backyard off the Royals in the 14th century, haha..  We didnt stay there for long tho, soo cold as I mentioned before, so its was a quick stroll around before heading back into town for a warm meal.. Me & Alex have discussed that we will come back again for the summer, when its much warmer, and hopefully spend more time exploring..