So I am so inspired by the look of Kourt Kardashian (here) and the whole Hot Miami Styles atm.. Big jumpers and overknee heels is just right up my alley and its super hot! A look I am def going for this spring! Truly adore the sassy but classy set pieces from Rebecca Stella, perfect if you want to show off some curves (in a innocent way).. My favs so far – nr 1, nr 2 and loove the super high heels nr 6, and the  lace choker nr 15!

Happy Shopping!



Pics from phone cause there wasnt allowed to bring a camera down to the Spa (signs like everywere). But I got a few snaps anyways on my phone, haha.. So here are some looks from the Spa as you might have seen video off from my insta/snap.. Such a big Spa! 1st floor was the big pool, 2 jacuzzies, Saunas and the relaxing area. 2nd floor was for treatments only, like massages.. We took a 60 min aroma-massage – so nice! The spa was open all day and night so we actually went down to the spa in the evening just to warm up and relax before dinner.. The spa is located at the hotel we stayed at – Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its included for all hotel guests! Link HERE.



Adlinks & Credit: Bag from Guess_Coat from VILA (similar_HERE)_Jumper from H&M (similar_HERE)_Pilot sunnies from Rayban (similar_HERE)_Boots old (similar_HERE). 


We are back from our trip! Came home yesterday after a long day of travel. Hit the gym last night just to get off some of that lazyness, and then been busy with meetings today (tell you later) so havent had any time to go through my photos until now. Soo much to sort and edit, haha, but some turned out pretty good! Here are some snaps from what I wore in Budapest on our 2nd day. Looved this bridge, wich is the main attraction called Chain Bridge. Crazy views from here, and luckily we got some sunshine as well.. Its just right next to Market Hall, a food place with a lot of different food booths! Going to show you pics later.. But it was soo cold while we where there! Such a freezing breeze too, so we tried not to stay outside too long not to catch a cold! Im so happy we had the Spa at our hotel to use whenever we felt like it so we could get all warmed up again. Going to show you some snaps from the spa as well later.. more coming up later!  Xx



Here are a few shots from our trip in Budapest so far! Got soo much to show you when we get back home. Been here for 2 days already and its been magical! The hotel is so graceful, and the city far more beautiful than its given credit for. Yesterday we went for a stroll to the canal and checked out the Parliament, then we caught a cab to the Buda Castle, wich has a breath taking view all over the city! A must see if your ever travelling to Budapest! Later we went to the Market Hall, where they have all sorts of hungarian food  and specialities, so cool. Then after a long day we went back and chilled at the spa for a bit before heading out for a nice dinner by the canal at a boat-house called Spoon. Going to show more photos later.. Chillin at the lobby for a bit now before heading back to Market Hall, and the main shopping street. Hopefully find something tasty at the market, haha.. Talk soon, xx






Credit & Adlinks: T-shirt from Junkyard by XX-XY_HERE_Top by XX-XY from junkyard_HERE_Shoes FILA_(similar)HERE_Grey tights from H&M.

– in collab with Junkyard


SO ITS TIME!! All the bags are packed after spending pretty much the whole evening running around finding everything we need for the trip, haha.. Dont know about you but I never pack my bags days ahead! Im always last minute, but I always have a check list I go through so im 100% sure I have everything! And we have to get up 04 in the morning to catch the flight around 07.30. But so cool that we have the whole day tomorrow. And most importantly – spend the entire Sunday at the SPA! Wont be blogging much the next days so stay tuned on instagram or snapchat for updates from BUDAPEST! @gizzachic 

Lots of love xx




Credit: Jacket from Adidas Originals_(outofstock)_similar jackets_HERE

Throwback from a few winters back when January actually where white! Cant belive this crappy weather we are having lately! Use 30 minuttes only to buckle up before leaving the appartment, haha.. So ive been using my last days killing myself at the gym. Decided to sign me up for daily workout classes just to push myself out of my comfort zone. Feels good, even tho it looks like im about to pass out at the end of the class, haha.. BUT – working hard to get in shape! AND – Only 4 days left to BUDAPEST! Ill make sure to take a lot of photos and share the highlights.. Stay tuned for outfit post coming up later on the blog.. Xx









 Hope you all are having a GOOD weeknd so far!! Finally ready to show you one of the latest projects from the Subway. Had such a fun time making it, even tho people walking past starred as crazy, haha! Been busy lately working with editing stuff but I have also started to plan what we are going to do in Budapest. Leaving already next weekend, and im so exited! The food is supposed to be epic, so many cool places and buildings to visit – and ofc enjoy the best SPA in town located at our hotel we are staying at – Corinthia Hotel. If you have any tips of what sights to visit or restaurants to eat at, plz share! Now im off to help with a shortfilm project and later actually have a boxing lesson. Should be fun! Xx



Editing, editing and editing is what I been up to lately.. Good photos takes time and feels like ive been stuck infront of the computer forever.. BUT – the photos will be epic! Havent made time until now to edit all my materials – but thats going to change! Stay tuned guys and thx for poppin into my page – lots of love! XX