Credit & Adlinks: T-shirt from Junkyard by XX-XY_HERE_Top by XX-XY from junkyard_HERE_Shoes FILA_(similar)HERE_Grey tights from H&M.

– in collab with Junkyard


SO ITS TIME!! All the bags are packed after spending pretty much the whole evening running around finding everything we need for the trip, haha.. Dont know about you but I never pack my bags days ahead! Im always last minute, but I always have a check list I go through so im 100% sure I have everything! And we have to get up 04 in the morning to catch the flight around 07.30. But so cool that we have the whole day tomorrow. And most importantly – spend the entire Sunday at the SPA! Wont be blogging much the next days so stay tuned on instagram or snapchat for updates from BUDAPEST! @gizzachic 

Lots of love xx

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