Credit & Adlinks: Pablo Shirt from Ebay_Bomber (Large) from URBAN_(similar_HERE) Boots from H&M_(similar_HERE) Pistol Chain from Ebay. 


 Here are finally the pics from a shoot taken a while back! Was supposed to post this yesterday, but my computer kind of crashed and had a million things to do so had to postpone it – BUT here they are! AND I got exiting news for ya – I have an interesting collab coming up so im in the progress of making a short video for you guys, and to give a hint it is about how I get my fluffy mermaid hairlook. Im not that good with editing video just yet, so its going to take some time to learn, but when im all done and happy with it ill post it here on the blog!

Lately ive been actually killing myself at the gym.. Budapest was an awsome break from it all, but im back at it and my motivation is like a 110% ! Feels so good, even tho my body is always soar, haha.. Dont think ive ever been this soar in like years, but that must mean im doing something right;) Have a lot of photos from the trip to show you and more outfit posts to share so stay tuned.. Thanks for poppin by and have a great Sunday! Talk soon, Xx

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